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My boys are sitting on the rocks

  Published Author & Professor with over 60 published works  

Recognized Leader in Operations Research-Analytics, Physics, Engineering

Founder and Chief Science Officer of Zuriky Research

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  • 'Alex Agunas and the Spirit Travelers'(SciFi-Fantasy/Horror Folklore)        Amazon ISBN-13:978-1986438711
  • 'Alex Agunas and the Spirit Travelers: A Screenplay'                      Amazon ASIN B089279X3G 
  • 'Bain's Identity'(Surreal History Detective Novel)                                                 Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1722186043
  • 'The Living Creep'(Children's Horror Story)                                                             Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1071002346
  • 'Selected Poems and Artwork' (Poetry and Artwork)                                            Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1072924906
  • 'Strings & Cloaking' with Dan Cervo (Theoretical Physics & Mathematics)      Amazon ISBN-13: 979-8667616078
  • 'Strings & Cloaking 2nd Ed.' with Dan Cervo                                                 Amazon ISBN-13: 979-8559064314
  • 'More Poetry and Artwork'(Poetry and Artwork)                                          Amazon ISBN-13: 979-8562000705

  • Children's Cartoon Storybook "The Adventures of Harry Avocado" Harry
  • Some poetry, Academy of American Poets Member Poem
  • Sample of drawings and cartoons Art
  • Ph.D Dissertation is available on ProQuest #10273059.
  • Capstone for Learning Technology MA degree Capstone
  • Northcentral University Black Hole Simulation Research Project Black Hole 
  • Professional Mathematics and Physics conference talks, presentations and articles Talks, papers
  • Magazine article for Control Global, August 2005 Article
  • Citizen Scientist article Gravity Waves December 03, 2004 Gravity Waves
  • Citizen Scientist article Prospecting in San Antonio Canyon June 17, 2005 Prospecting
  • Article for Forrest Mims on California Tornado March 2005 Tornado
  • My LinkedIn page with articles and career stuff LinkedIn
  • My son Nathan Little Computer and iPod
  • My Research and CV on Research 

Emergency Services, Martial Arts-Self Defense, Drummer-Musician, Artist


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