Scott Little Ph.D, CSO for Zuriky Research



My specialties are Operations Research, Data Science, Physics, Systems Engineering,Teaching and Learning Technology. 

I currently work with the Advanced Analytics Group at Southern California Edison Cal Poly Pomona Innovation Village, and am a member of the Utility Analytics Institute.

I have worked with industry leaders Bio-Rad Laboratories, Mitsui-SunWize Technologies, and Stanley Black & Decker. 
I am Chief Science Officer for a mathematics research institute (Zuriky Research), was Director and Founding Member for a think tank start up, Engineer General Contractor for a Material Handling company, and Teacher and Educator.

I presently serve on the Board of Directors for the Pomona Valley Historical Society, was a member of the Chaffey College Engineering Committee, and a Thomas Edison Alumni Ambassador.

I presented research talks and papers at the Society Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) conferences and the Cal Tech Relativity Group. My education includes Cal Poly, Cal Tech, Stanford.

I am a member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Golden Key and Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies, The Planetary Society, Martial Artist, Cherokee Community member, Drummer-Choir member, and was previously a San Bernardino Probation Agent and USAF Civil Air Patrol Second Lieutenant.

I am a writer in Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Folklore, Mythology, History, Poetry. 

See my new book Alex Agunas and the Spirit Travelers on Amazon. Published May 06, 2018

  • My Ph.D Dissertation is available on ProQuest #10273059.
  • Capstone for my Learning Technology MA degree Here
  • Northcentral University Black Hole Simulation Research Project Here 
  • Professional Mathematics and Physics conference talks, presentations and other articles Here
  • Magazine article I wrote for Control Global, August 2005 Here
  • The Citizen Scientist article on Gravity Waves December 03, 2004 Here
  • The Citizen Scientist article on Quartz Mining June 17, 2005 Here
  • Article I sent to Forrest Mims on California Tornado March 2005 Here
  • Abstract for Citizen Science conference 2004 Here
  • This is a poem I wrote, have others on under Scott Michael Little Here
  • Some examples of my drawings and cartoons Here

I designed this (very) simple web site and others as side projects. Here are some links 

• Operations Research, Quantum Gravity-String Theory, Statistics-Stochastic, PCA
• Multi Criteria Decision Support-Intelligent Systems, Simulation Models, Learning Technology
• Multiphysics, Partial Differential Equations, Finite Element Methods, Cloaking