Scott Little Ph.D



Chief Science Officer for Zuriky Research, now a forum for writing and publishing. 

Writer in Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Folklore, Mythology, History, Poetry.    

  •  Fantasy-Horror-ScFi-Folk History 'Alex Agunas and the Spirit Travelers' Amazon ISBN-13:978-1986438711.    
    • Screenplay is available upon request. Please contact at if interested. 
  • Detective novel 'Bain's Identity' Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1722186043, ISBN-13: 978-1722186043 
  • Children's horror book tentatively 'The Living Creep' is planned for Spring 2019. 
  • Working on an artwork compilation book with sketches, photography, sculpture, and paintings.  

More writing examples

  • My Ph.D Dissertation is available on ProQuest #10273059.
  • Capstone for my Learning Technology MA degree Here
  • Northcentral University Black Hole Simulation Research Project Here 
  • Professional Mathematics and Physics conference talks, presentations and other articles Here
  • Here is a freebie, an illustrated children's storybook "The Adventures of Harry Avocado" Here
  • Magazine article I wrote for Control Global, August 2005 Here
  • The Citizen Scientist article on Gravity Waves December 03, 2004 Here
  • The Citizen Scientist article on Quartz Mining June 17, 2005 Here
  • Article I sent to Forrest Mims on California Tornado March 2005 Here
  • This is a poem I wrote, have others on under Scott Michael Little Here
  • Some examples of my drawings and cartoons Here

Specialties are Operations Research, Data Science, Physics, Systems Engineering, Education.

I am currently Senior Specialist Data Scientist at Edison-Cal Poly Innovation Village, Lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona, and Utility Analytics Institute Advancement Group Member. I was a think tank Founding Director and Mentor, General Contractor Engineer for a Material Handling company, and consulted for industry leaders Bio-Rad Labs, Mitsui-SunWize Technologies, and Stanley Black & Decker. 

I am a Stanford Affiliate, served on Board of Directors for the Historical Society of Pomona Valley, was a Chaffey College Engineering Committee member, and Thomas Edison Alumni Ambassador. I Presented papers at Mathematics conferences and the Cal Tech Relativity Group. My education includes Cal Poly, Cal Tech, Stanford.

Memberships include Society Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Golden Key and Delta Mu Delta Honor Societies, Planetary Society, and Cherokee Community of the Inland Empire,  I am also a Martial Artist, Drummer-Band member, and was a Certified Probation Agent, 2nd. Lt USAF Civil Air Patrol, and Fire Inspector.

         I designed this (very) simple web site and others as side projects. Here are some links 

• Operations Research, Quantum Gravity-String Theory, Statistics-Stochastic, PCA
• Multi Criteria Decision Support-Intelligent Systems, Simulation Models, Learning Technology
• Multiphysics, Partial Differential Equations, Finite Element Methods, Cloaking